How To Get the Best Look as a Sexy Woman Joker

If you are planning on dressing up as The Joker for Halloween and you are a girl, then you are in luck because we have all of the essential materials that you will need to become a true female jester. From the green hair to the white face, you’ll need to be at the top of your game if you want to make an impact and play the part well.

One thing we would like to point out is that you will without a doubt need a sense of humor or a crazy demeanor if you’re going to play this role. Cosplay is all about acting the part if you can, and if you think you can be The Joker without acting like a crazy woman, then you are in fact insane!

Let’s get down to the basics, the main setup and what you’ll need to get started as the clown princess of crime!


Joker Corset



Sexy Purple Corset for Girls

female joker outfit

We absolutely love this adorable and sexy corset which is the perfect foundation for a Halloween joker costume. It has the right color scheme, a cute little bow, and doesn’t try to be too much. It’s the perfect starting item for what will eventually be a full blown extravaganza of creativity! This item looks great because it has the classic Joker purple color, mixed with some green and orange to give it a nice palette which will work very well with some of the accessories that will be needed. It also comes in small, medium, and large so that ladies of all sizes can get in on the fun!

Many women might like to go for the traditional “suit” look, but this setup is sleeveless and let’s us get a bit more feminine with the look overall, which sets it apart from the rest. Sure, there are some epic cosplay girls out there that have gone all out on their costume, but it looks more like a traditional man’s suit rather than something that a sexy super-villain girl might wear. Remember, Halloween or Comic-Con is a chance to look extremely riveting and sexy, so we prefer to get a much more feminine look going!

This corset is great because it sets the foundation for the hair, makeup, leggings, gloves, shoes, and other accessories that are going to make this into the best costume around!

Green Costume Wigs

Setup your sexy look with a green wig. There is absolutely no question that you want to rock some green hair if you are going to play The Joker! Sure, you could probably get away with some other colors, but if you want people to instantly recognize you as a vixen-villain, then this is the direction you should go. There is a lot of flexibility here, as you can go with straight hair, curly, afro, tinsel, or just a slight touch of green. Remember, as long as you have the foundation in place, you can essentially get away with many different hairstyles.
green joker wig

neon green with curls

rock star style

fun wig with hair tie

clown wig

dark green wig

cute wig

green and white fantasy wig

tinsel wig

green afro wig

There is also the option of dying your hair, but that is more work and often times it doesn’t give you the same character as a full blown party wig! We prefer to go this route to save time and cash – you don’t have to spend a ton of money to look great, especially if you are only planning on wearing this outfit for one or two nights!

White Makeup & Red Lipstick

This is straight forward and easy. All you need is some simple white facial makeup to get the classic Joker face that is essential to this costume. This is also an area where you can be a little creative – you can sloppily apply the makeup if you want, because it gives you more of a “crazy” and sinister look that brings out the evil jester inside. Leave some room around the lips because this is where we are going to apply some evil looking red lipstick to round out the full look. You definitely want to get sloppy with the application here, because The Joker rarely seems to apply it cleanly!

white makeup

face makeup


Green Leggings

Because we will be rocking a sexy corset for this outfit, we want to take advantage of the fact that we can wear some leggings. The perfect color scheme to go along with your top are some green leggings, as it further enhances The Joker look and also goes very well with the dominant purple of the corset. There are other colors you could use but we feel that this is the perfect way to round out the look of a sexy adult costumes.
green leggings

green and white tights

black and green leg accessory

Purple Gloves

Small touches go a long way – we love these purple gloves as a way to add some flair to the overall look! Costume accessories are always the best way to make a difference with sexy adult costumes.

purple gloves

Cane Accessory

If you really want to round out the costume with some fun accessories, then you can’t go wrong with a classic Joker cane! Strut around like you own the place while occasionally smacking your friends in the back of the leg. After all, you are the center of attention and they should have all eyes on you!
joker cane

Here is the entire look, with many of the recommended items from this guide. It is very cost effective and allows for a lot of flexibility for Halloween, cosplay, or any other dress-up party that you might be attending. If some of your friends are going as Batman, Robin, Harley Quinn or Poison Ivy, you definitely want to round out the evil crew by transforming into a super sexy girl joker.

girl joker cosplay

joker dress up for women

The only way to truly act the part is to be crazy, tell some jokes, photobomb some pictures and cause a nuisance! You want to be remembered for being a crazy-person and not some boring party pooper sitting in the corner behaving like a good little girl. This costume is only for those who are ready to go out and make a statement. Remember, always be safe and take friends with you wherever you go.

Check back to this page often as we will track down some great coupon offers and deals that we find around the net! It’s always fun to do it yourself!